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Photo Credit: Lisa Businovski 

Photo Credit: Lisa Businovski 


Rachel Caddy hails from the Macedon Ranges of Victoria, but is gradually infiltrating the Melbourne music scene and winning fans with her warm vocals and tender, honest songwriting. Her style expands across different genres, from plaintive acoustic guitar picking reminiscent of an indie-folk style, to writhing bass and powerful drums accompanied by spaced-out psychedelic guitar parts. Her songwriting explores both ends of the scale from delicate to powerful, and she paints the imagery in these songs vividly – drawn from life and nature, loss and small victories. She has recently recorded a brace of her original songs under the production guidance of Chris Pickering and Benjamin McCarthy (Alex the Astronaut, Gordi), which feature all the cumulative forces of her songwriting and performing talent.






Blue Sky Soda Stream

Blue Sky Soda Stream





Reach For You

Reach For You




4th August Rachel Caddy duo in the Wesley Anne Front Bar. 6pm-8pm. Free entry











For booking enquiries, general enquiries/comments please e-mail


Lay down with me
Like you do in my head when I can’t sleep
You were in all my dreams
Stay with me
Like you did when our lives felt concrete
You stepped on every wet path in me
all I do is reach for

Take my soul
You have it
Cause I’ve been living fine without it
Take my arms
You keep them
Cause all they’ll ever want to do is reach for you

Find my eyes
They’re swallowing the sea dry
Choking on the salt of our old lives
See me tonight
Your colours in my mind don’t look right
You’re stained by the blood from my bruised mind
And all I do is reach for you

I’ll reach for you




Found ourselves in the garden
two seeds on the breeze
planted side by side in the fertile soil where life begins
We're growing high but it's fragile
the branches bend and squeak
Guess we forgot to be careful let our seeds turn into trees

I'm growing through your shadow as the skyline splits in half
so my darling don't get mad at me I'm scared here in the dark
Am I lifting you up higher or just pushing us apart
I'm on your side
turn on the light
inside your shadow  

Found yourself in the darkness
Of a sleepless night
You know that I can't wake you, you shut the curtains so tight
Our conversations are futile
you push it all away
I shrink in every sentence take back all I meant to say

The sun shines through 



Three months is short no it's not quite enough
to run all the way or slow to a walk
and you took me barefoot down the darkened path
we talked
about how we felt half a year ago now
where the cold had sunk through me and burned the lights out
and you took all my dreams and you set them on fire
we talked 

Don't you see we're the same we're so perfectly equal
We were made symmetrical mirrors of each others halves
So don't blame yourself now though these angles are true
the pieces fit together but we're both missing screws 

One week is short but it took long enough
for doubt to crawl through us and disembowel parts
and the floor seemed to sink for a week straight
I thought

We'll be fine sorting our screws out in separate piles
sand down the edges take what is left and start again
We'll be fine sorting our heads out in separate lives
un-peel the thread from the holes that were left and start again

Don't you see we're the same we're so perfectly equal
We were made symmetrical I couldn't be your other half

And that's why mine were perfect for you 


It is dark in my bedroom
I'm trying to hide from the words I've sent you
but you've always got the perfect thing to say
and I am the luckiest as the tears sink through my skin
You're making me laugh 'till I'm crying effervescently 

Tossed me straight into the stream came out I was sparkling clean

It was cold on the way home
Fluorescent lights type words on the window
But I was blind in my sunlit thoughts of you
and I am the luckiest as my eyes spit out their sleep
catching filtered light through veins of our translucent leaves 

Fell asleep without you there woke up here with grass in my hair

Stare into me
Stare into me
I wanna swim in your blue sky soda stream
Stay here with me
Stay here with me
We're sitting on stalk tops watching the flowers bud


Speechless like a figurine in disbelief I found myself with you

Reach For You












































blue sky soda stream